Dye Tournament Score Board System

Base Kit
The Base Kit is perfect for team practices or small tournaments where setup needs to be quick. It allows fully functional race to 2/3/4/5 games with the exception of players seeing the big scoreboard from the field. Score keeping is run via custom user friendly software on any PC computer laptop or desktop with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 and a USB port is required. The kit comes with two small pit boards showing game time, points and break time. Also includes a horn for each station as well as forfeit/first or give point button stands.

Big Board Upgrade Kit
The Big Board Kit is currently the official score board of the USA PSP national series. The complete Big Board Kit extends the base kit to include a 7 feet by 4 feet scoreboard with game clock, break time, team names and score. The scoreboard can be folded in the middle for simple cost effective andconvenient shipping. It also comes with a sturdy stand that can be assembled and broken down for shipping and storage. The Big Board weighs less than 60 Kgs and is easily hung or secured by the stands provided. Large superbright LED's are very visible even in bright, direct sunlight.

Base Kit Comes With:
  • Two pit scoreboards with stands
  • Two horns, one for each station
  • Two give forfeit / give point buttons stands
  • All required cables
  • PC software for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • USB to serial conversion with driver CD

Big Board Kit Comes With:
  • Big scoreboard
  • Scoreboard stand
  • Scoreboard horn
  • Required cables

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