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In 1994, world renown professional paintball player, Dave Youngblood, began making barrels in a garage with Earon Carter of Carter Machine. In the short span of time from '94 to '09, Dave has transformed DYE, or "Dave Youngblood Enterprises", into the pinnacle of performance paintball products. It all started with a single barrel, the Boomstick. It's name is relative to the effect it had on the industry as a whole. Now Dye offers anything and everything for the sport, from socks and squeegees to high end markers, electronic loaders, and goggle systems. Today, Dye continues to innovate within the sport of paintball; constantly raising the bar and releasing revolutionary products.

DYE Precision, Ltd. Asia

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In 2006, Dye embarked on the creation and development of a new  independent Dye company specifically directed at product development  and production as well as  Asia Pacific market support, penetration  and development. In addition to these functions, Dye Asia serves as  our primary production facility for most of our current product line.   Since the companys creation, Dye Asia has not only become a regional  leader in supporting Asia Pacific dealers, fields and teams, but has  also been a significant influence in the promotion of paintball as a  sport in the region as a whole. Today Dye Asia is one of our largest  companies with the aspects of continuation of promoting the sport and  product development as its key initiatives.

DYE Precision, Ltd. Europe

Phone: +44 (0)208 649 6330

In the fall season of 2004 Dye recognized a need to further  expand and develop its already existing market share in Europe. On  March 1, 2005 Dye officially opened its vertical European  headquarters in London Croydon, United Kingdom. Dye's United Kingdom  operation's specific initiatives are to further develop, service and  promote the sport of paintball in Western and Eastern Europe as well  as Scandinavia, Russia and North Africa markets. Additionally, Dye  Europe serves as a sales, marketing, warehousing and distribution  facility plus provides technical service and customer support. Today  Dye Europe has successfully been a positive influence in the growth of  European paintball and continues to look forward to the future with a  positive commitment in supporting the sport of paintball as a whole in  the European and surrounding community markets