Box Rotor - DyeCAM

Regular price $ 399.95

The Dye Box Rotorå» is the latest innovation in paintball loader technology, fusing vertical magazine feed with tournament level rates and reliability. Starting with the number one choice in loader technology among top Professional player's worldwide, the Box Rotorå» is built with all of the same simplicity and durability of the Rotorå» and adds game changing new features specially crafted for the ultimate scenario paintball gun, the Dye Assault Matrixå». The Box Rotorå» and the DAMå» combine to make the ideal platform for any field. The Box Rotorå» features a positive push button with a bright LED display informing you of when your hopper is powered on or off. With no extra attachments or modifications, the Box Rotorå» allows quick changes to magazine feed for the extra range needed for critical eliminations.

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