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Introducing the new DLS, a collaborative innovation featuring the legendary Paragon Core Bolt System. The DLS goes outside the bounds of what exists. Real innovation, true collaborative engineering - the DLS is the result of DYE’s commitment in listening to players, working with industry leaders and influencers to exceed player expectations. The standout Paragon Core bolt design unifies simplicity, utility and durability with unmatched air efficiency and unprecedented reliability. 

The Patented Paragon Core represents tomorrow’s thinking delivered today. Patented innovation allows for an uncompromising level of elegance in its simplicity. The Paragon Core features a dwell independent valve and bolt cycle. The Paragon core boasts incredible efficiency and minimal points of failure to ensure maximum reliability. Continuing DYE’s commitment to collaborative innovation, the Paragon Core creates a unique spreading action between the bolt and the valve while the air is being forced closed by the air firing the paintball down the barrel. The Patented clutch design de-couples the valve action from the bolt cycle. This separation allows for optimized ball handling and valve efficiency. This unique action, combined with DYE’s industry best soft tip bolt design ensures players can put paintballs down field with unrelenting effectiveness. 

Designed to meet the needs of players all across the board, DYE’s tried and true features are infused into the DLS, which include but not limited to the Flex Face Bolt Tip, SLAP ASA, MOSair Operating System, Edge2 Mag-Reach Trigger, 4th Gen Eye Pipe, UL 45 Frame, Hyper 6s Pro and much more. 

 The evolution continues with DYE’s ongoing development and advancement of marker technology. For the player looking for premium features and trusted technology that will keep you out on the field longer, the DLS is ready for action. 


 Luxury Design and Ergonomic Construction 

  • Aggressive body trigger guard design  
  • No exposed screws or plates 
  • All aluminum construction 
  • Low profile design 
  • UL 45 frame with full wrap sticky grips 
  • Dual density, micro texture grips 
  • Best ergonomics in industry 
  • Simple joystick OS operation and navigation 
  • 2 tool assembly 
  • Hard form gun case with EVA foam lining for secure protection 



  • Paragon Core   
  • Flex Face Bolt Tip 
  • Quick Release Bolt 
  • Edge2 Mag-Reach Trigger  
  • SLAP ASA Slide Lock AirPort 
  • 4th Gen Eye Pipe System 
  • MOSair Operating System 
  • Prism Interface 
  • Internal Pressure Sensor 
  • Rechargeable Battery 
  • e.VOKE Compatible  
  • Freewire Connectors 
  • UL 45 Frame 
  • Gas-Thru 
  • Sticky Grips 
  • Hyper 6s Pro 
  • Lever Lock Clamping Feed Neck 
  • Colored O-Rings 
  • Low Profile Design 
  • DYE UL-s Barrel Back with UL-s 8" Tip Porting 




Paragon Core 

  • The Patented Paragon Core  
  • Dwell independent valve and bolt cycle.  
  • Incredible efficiency and minimal points of failure to ensure maximum reliability.  
  • Patented clutch design de-couples the valve action from the bolt cycle. This separation allows for optimized ball handling and valve efficiency.  
  • Incredible air efficiency 
  • Traps over 50 psi 
  • Super simple, durable bolt design 


Flex Face Bolt Tip 

  • 2-stage bolt speed 
  • Soft bolt face 
  • Accommodates the most fragile paint 
  • The Flex Face soft tip bolt paired with the Paragon Core ensures the most fragile paint will be gently carried through the breech, and helps protect irregularly shaped paint from being clipped through the firing cycle. 


Quick Release Bolt 

  • Push button 
  • Quick access 
  • The proven Quick Release Bolt Assembly is a robust steel gate system that securely holds the bolt in place. A simple push button system allows the user to remove and re-install the bolt kit in seconds. Standard maintenance has never been easier or more accessible. 


Edge2 Trigger  

  • Offset flat face design 
  • Improved leverage 
  • Improved sustainable ramping 
  • The Edge2 trigger uses a flat face design proven by world class comp shooters. The offset parallel faces promotes a lower perch on the trigger that creates greater leverage. The mid-point and tip joints offers positive contact points for increased trigger pull consistency and positive feedback against our fingers. Optimal tuning, unbeatable speed, reaction time and ultimate trigger control is found in the Edge2 Trigger.  


 SLAP ASA Slide Lock AirPort 

  • Patent pending design 
  • Easy to use 
  • Slide On/Off operation 
  • Dependable shielded cover and reliable design 
  • Aluminum construction 
  • Only adjustable ASA in class 
  • The enclosed SLAP design provides long term dependability in a rugged and easy-to-operate package. The shielded design has no button to operate, no knob to turn and no lever to get snagged. All critical operations are protected by the Slide Lock Cover. Simply press and slide the lock cover back to engage the air supply with ease. 


Tank Output pressure- Please note that it is recommended that the tank output pressure to you use on your DYE marker should be set to between 450-650psi.  It is also recommended that you test this output pressure on a regular basis and that your tank regulator is serviced regularly. 


 4th Gen Eye Pipe – Breech System 

  • 4th generation 
  • Durable self-cleaning system 
  • Protection from damaging breech ware 
  • New independent integrated leaf spring detents 
  • Eliminates bulky eye plates and small easily stripped mounting screws 
  • Compatible with M2, M3, DSR, DLS and Rize Series markers 
  • DYE’s patented Eye Pipe System moves into its 4th generation of refinement with updated breech geometry and independent detents designed to accommodate a wide range of paint sizes including extremely small paint. There are many important features of the Eye Pipe System. It shields the anti-chop eye system from dirt and broken paint. The thick durable polycarbonate pipe is wiped clean by the bolt tip o-ring on every cycle creating a self-cleaning operation that ensures the eyes are always monitoring the breech. Your marker stays protected from harsh environments eliminating permanent performance hindering breech wear. The new shape of the independent leaf spring detents are integrated into the Eye Pipe preventing double feeds and chopped paint, all while eliminating the need for bulky exterior eye plates. 


MOS Air Operating System 

  • 5 player profiles 
  • 3 Training modes 
  • 7 play screen options 
  • 3 custom boot screen storage 
  • Double tap power off option 
  • Service alert system 
  • Extended battery life 
  • Cable free charging 
  • DYE’s Method Operating System Air allows you to customize nearly every aspect of the DLS for the ultimate playing experience. The operator gains unrestricted access to precision tuning, and unsurpassed performance. The 5-way Joystick, high definition OLED display screen, and multiple profiles provide an intuitive user interface. The optimized MOS program logic ensures lightning fast response time, and long battery life. The Freewire connector pins ensure communication between performance driving hardware and the MCU, as well as Eliminate awkward wire routing.  With customizable features, like power control options, custom boot screens, multiple play screens, shot tracker, Cable Free Charging and wireless Air Sync; DYE’s MOSair is advanced performance in the palm of your hand. 


Prism Interface 

  • 5-axis joystick control 
  • High resolution OLED display screen 
  • Full color OLED display screen 
  • The massive 1” full color, high resolution OLED screen on the DLS makes getting feedback from your marker lightning fast. The screen, combined with the 5-axis Joystick control provides intuitive navigation through, systems checks, settings adjustment, and performance data. 


 Internal Pressure Sensor 

  • The DLS is equipped with an internal pressure sensor that monitors the operating pressure in the marker. Extremely accurate digital pressure transducer helps you keep the DLS within the optimal pressure ranges. No need to pack around heavy testers with bulky dial gauges. DYE’s Prism Interface will confirm your pressures in seconds. 


Rechargeable Battery 

  • Charge up and play. No more last minute runs to the store, or begging friends for a 9-volt. All you need now is a power source, and a standard micro USB cable to have the power to play.  


Freewire Connectors 

  • No wire between frame and body 
  • Quick disconnect, contact pads 
  • Eliminates awkward wire routing 
  • Dramatically improve serviceability 


e.VOKE Compatible 

  • i5 goggle hands free alert system 
  • A revolutionary step for the sport of paintball, the DLS MOS Air is wireless. With the simple plug and go e.VOKE box, your gun is ready to send your i5 e.VOKE vital game time information via DYE’s air sync wireless connection. Customizable automated audio alerts like time tracking and shot count, keep you ahead of the competition. 


  • The macro line has been removed to improve ergonomics and performance. Switching hands in tight situations has never been quicker or easier. 


 UL 45 Frame 

  • Hour glass shape 
  • Ergonomic designed specifically around the dual finger trigger 
  • Superior comfort 
  • Superior grip and control 
  • The UL 45 frame is the culmination of top pro player influence and progressive engineering. Designed specifically for modern double finger triggers, the UL frame’s Hour-Glass shape was ergonomically designed to give the player ultimate control, comfort, and performance. The UL frame combined with DYE’s famous Sticky grips offers a secure grip for stability and accuracy, while at the same time encourages a sustainable, rapid trigger speed. 


 Sticky Grips 

  • Best ergonomics in paintball 
  • Micro texture 
  • Superior comfort 
  • Superior grip and control 
  • Tool-less design 
  • Full wrap grip 
  • Dual density material 
  • The tool-less full, wraparound Sticky Grip with micro texture provides ultimate grip. Dual density design offers comfort and control. The tool-less design utilizes a durable locking system that ensures a rock solid grip, and at the same time quick access for service. 


 Mag-Reach Trigger 

  • Full external adjustment 
  • Adjustable trigger rake 
  • Dual roller bearings 
  • Full adjust trigger 
  • Pre and post travel adjustment 
  • Magnetic return force 
  • The Mag-Reach Trigger system incorporates the super smooth benefits of magnetic trigger return. It is the next evolution in individually customized ergonomic comfort, as well as optimal trigger speed. The adjustable trigger angle, travel, and magnetic return force allow you to create a personalized fit. All adjustments on the Mag-Reach Trigger are accessed externally, so you can reach your ultimate shooting capabilities. 


Hyper 6s Pro 

  • Proven reliable design 
  • Air pressure bleed off 
  • Faster response time 
  • Simplified cartridge assembly 
  • Coil spring for easy service 
  • Fastest service 
  • The latest generation of DYE’s trusted line of regulators is the most reliable and consistent regulator DYE has produced to date. Features a more efficient airflow path and consistent piston movement, along with an updated single coil spring and simplified cartridge assembly that delivers exceptionally easy service. Integrated into the Hyper 6s Pro is a pressure bleed off to ensure no gas is trapped in the marker when degassed. Improvements focused on performance, reliability, and safety to ensure the best playing experience possible. 


Colored O-Rings 

  • Pioneered by DYE and designed to allow quick identification of o-rings when performing maintenance. 



  • All metal, adjustable Leverlock Clamping Feedneck securely locks in loader for a compact and low-profile. 


Low Profile Design 

  • The DLS features a new lightweight, aggressive body design coming in a variety of anodized looks, representing the highest level of artistry in paintball markers. All-aluminum body construction with no ugly exposed screws or eye plates. 


DYE UL-S Back 

  • 7.9” barrel back 
  • Autococker threads 
  • 1 inch longer control bore 
  • 5.7 grams lighter than standard UL back 
  • Compatible with all DYE barrel tips 
  • DYE’s UL-S Barrel back gives you more control and more accuracy with an extended 7.9 inch control bore. The UL-S control back uses multi-stage precision honing, the most accurate and consistent finish available in paintball, eliminating ball spin, and improving accuracy. Self-aligning two piece construction ensures properly centered assembly between control bore and steady port tip. This combination of precision components provides an extremely quiet shot, superior accuracy, and total performance. The DYE Ultralite Barrel System is designed to give you the ability to easily change barrel length and bore size to match your performance needs. 


DYE UL-S Front Barrel tip 

  • Progressive Porting 
  • Ultra-quiet sound signature 
  • Optimized harmonics 
  • Precision multi-stage honing 
  • Self-centering 2-piece design 
  • Superior accuracy 
  • Compatible with all DYE barrel backs 
  • The new UL-S Barrel tip features a progressive porting pattern that offers an ultra-quiet shot and multi-phase precision honing that is the most accurate and consistent finish available in paintball. The high quality level of honing found on the UL-S Barrel Tip eliminates ball spin and improves accuracy. DYE barrels set the standard for accuracy and quality 28 years ago and continue to do so today. 

DYE PGA (Proprietary Graphic Anodizing)

The PGA process is one that is truly unique to each marker that is created in our production facilities.  There will be seams and parting lines that are kept to a minimum but will be visible due to the proprietary nature of the 360 degree anodizing process.  We look at the lines as a necessary element that provides full graphic anodizing to the entire body of your marker. No two guns are exactly the same due to this artistic, handmade process of applying graphics and anodizing.  Thank you for your purchase of your new Dye PGA marker, we know you will love it!


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