Riot Wins MXL


The first event of the MXL (Mexican Xball League) took place In Quimera Sports Field, located in Guadalajara, with perfect sunny weather on both days.

This is the only National Xball League affiliate in Mexico and is also the most competitive league in Mexico.

DYE´s sponsored team, RIOT, from Guadalajara,  participated on this event, fighting their way to the finals and taking a very crucial and meaningful first place finish, against the legendary and highly successful team TJ All Starz.

This win is truly meaningful for the team members since they had a rough off season. Riot PBT was near to see the end of its days when some of the core players left the team to join TJ All Starz.

The remaining members managed to join some players from Fighting Cocks, a central region based team, to fill the spots on the roster just a few weeks before the MXL tournament.

Now the team is fully committed to train hard to continue the team´s winning tradition in Mexico and hopefully some NXL events, with the help of the their sponsors DYE Paintball, Paintball Jackal Store and Sportcaps. 

The MXL tournament was a big fiesta! The best and most competitive teams showed up to battle for the podium in an impeccable event.

The event had 3 different divisions, D5, D4 and D3, giving the opportunity for the new players to experience the tournament paintball level, encouraging Mexican paintball to grow.

The organization was on point though all the weekend, they truly put a lot of effort on getting the players what they needed to compete and have the best time, it was like been in a small NXL event in one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

Also the organization staff brought some of the best NXL refs to the event so the games were judged by the best in the business alongside some of the most experienced national referees.

Guadalajara´s event was the starting point for what is truly the best and the most competitive paintball series in Mexico, and the best is still to come!

It will continue to grow thanks to the supporting brands, the hard working staff and of course the players.

We would like to invite any international team to come to any of the remaining MXL events in the year, specially the Latin American World Cup in october to be held in Playa del Carmen.

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Also, we would like to thank DYE and Billy Wing for the support trough out the years, we´re looking forward to continue this wining relationship using the best gear in the game!  We LOVE our M2s!