Introducing the 2022 Ironmen roster, proudly fueled by the combination of DYE Paintball's top quality paintball products, GI Sportz' highly dependable paint, comfortable footwear from New Balance and pristine training grounds at Victory Paintball Park

Nothing burns more intensely than a fresh new and focused fire from within. Ironmen head into the 2022 season reignited with a retooled roster and high expectations. Carried over from the previous season are veteran pro players, Al Fernandez and Nick Slowiak, along with newcomer Zack Carter. Then add in seven brand-new players that represent tireless ambition, raw talent, determined attitude, positive energy and an obsession for the game.

Head Coach, Nikki McEvers, had this to say:

"This off-season brought many changes to the Ironmen roster. That led us to needing to hold tryouts. I chose to keep the tryouts to be invite only. My plan for 2022 was to build the best team with the majority of the players being local to California. The team is made up of 10 players, 7 of which are local. This will give us the opportunity to play together more during non-tournament layout weekends which I believe will be essential to our growth. I learned a lot last year. Some things of what to do and some about what not to do. I’m looking forward to my second year as Head Coach of the Ironmen and challenging the team and myself to new levels."

An on-field leader of Team Ironmen, Nick Slowiak, added:

"I'm probably more excited for this 2022 season than I have been for previous seasons. The Ironmen has had a lot happen in the last 2 years. Hell, a lot has happened in the last 2 months! What I am so very excited about is what we've gained over that short period of time.

The players that make up this team have a strong desire for change and they're working their asses off for it. This team has something to prove. Mind you, it's not about proving anything to anyone in the league, other teams, or the haters. It's only ourselves. Actions have, and might always, speak louder than words, and that is the case for the team. The Men wearing the Shield in 2022 didn't shy away from the opportunity. They seized it.

I am proud to be counted among them. I am eager to play at each of their sides. 2022 is the year this team proves to itself what is possible. I'm looking forward to the grind.

This of course wouldn't be possible without the factory support of DYE Paintball, Dave, Rhonda, Chris, and Billy! Shoutout to Kore/GI, Ceranski and Rathbun for the unfair advantage of having the best paintballs to shoot, period."

Al Fernandez, a player with extensive history wearing the Shield, commented:

"This is my 9th season as a player for the Ironmen, and I’m just as excited for the first event of the year as I was in 2014. I joined the Ironmen as part of the merger with San Jose Royalty, a former DYE sponsored team. Much like my first year on the Ironmen, my new 2022 teammates are going into their first season in the Pro division with teammates that are also new to the division. I’m happy that the new Ironmen will get to experience their first pro event together. We are excited to show the world what these Ironmen are made of, and with the backing of DYE Paintball and GI Sportz, I believe we’ll surprise a lot of teams."


Head Coach Nikki McEvers

#40 Nick Slowiak

#24 Al Fernandez

#14 Zach Carter

#4 Kaito Warner

#27 Clay Hughes

#13 Alec Buschang

#36 Hank Stumpf

#10 Chris Tregarthen

#2 Nicholas Hunt

#47 Alex Keys

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