Introducing the 2023 Los Angeles Ironmen, proudly fueled by the combination of DYE Paintball's top quality paintball products, GI Sportz' highly dependable paint, comfortable footwear from New Balance and pristine training grounds at Victory Paintball Park.. With this renewed focus comes new challenges, fresh faces and burning ambition. We’re taking on the new season and we’ve got the right team for the job. 

At DYE Precision we break boundaries and give 100% at every move. This retooled Ironmen for the 2023 season is no different. Chosen for their unique blend of character, experience and skill, these athletes and the coaching staff know a thing or two about what it takes to reach the top, and each is the essence of our “Live the Life” mantra. 

This new roster has a deep support network to help them reach their peak. The coaching staff of Shane Pestana, Mike Paxson and Nikki McEvers, dedicated DYE techs and a head to toe DYE Paintball top performance product line are primed and ready to help these athletes sharpen their skills and crush their goals. The 2023 Ironmen are here to make waves and push the limits of what’s possible on the paintball field. Stay tuned to the Shield this season, it’s going to get rowdy!

The mindset of ‘progress doesn’t happen without change and change doesn’t happen without action,’ Head Coach, Shane Pestana, had this to say: 

“I’m really excited for the challenges ahead of us this season. The new additions to the Ironmen roster are bringing continuity and belief that we need to compete at the highest level. With DYE support I have no doubt we will put the Shield back to where it should be. Ironman for life!”

Ironmen on-field leader and professional player, Nick Slowiak, added: 

“Shane Pestana and Mike Paxson have such an insane amount of wisdom. Their foresight and judgment have allowed them to select new individuals to become Ironmen for this 2023 season and beyond. The new guys are a healthy mix of salty vets and hungry, hardworking souls. I am beyond excited to witness how these new individuals are molded together with last season’s players by the vision of the coaches.”

DYE Paintball CEO and Ironmen Team Owner, Dave DeHaan, commented:

“Team Ironmen not only represents DYE Paintball and myself, but most importantly, its historic championship legacy. With the leadership of two of the most iconic Ironmen players that know what it means to play true 100% Ironmen paintball, combined with the determination of this next generation, I know this season will be another amazing chapter keeping the Shield held high.” 


Head Coach Shane Pestana

Assistant Coach Mike Paxson

Analytics Coordinator Nikki McEvers

#83 Trent Ritta

#2 Kyle Nicholaou

#19 Keith DeVit

#40 Nick Slowiak

#24 Al Fernandez

#10 Chris Tregarthen

#27 Clay Hughes

#21 Dylan Boyum

#7 Jordan Boyum

#45 Adam Gomez

#23 Corey Field

#5 Mike McGowan

#10 Patrick Gleason

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