Epic battle at D-DAY Commando Paintball in Ottawa, Canada

We all knew this was going to be one of the greatest battle in Canadian history... as two of Dye Tactical elite members were facing each other on the battlefield (WOLF, the Allies general vs. AZTEK, the Axis general). 

700 players joined the battle.  The game started with both team rushing to gain position on the battlefield.  WOLF and his Allied forces gained valuable ground as they breached the beach and the hills... while AZTEK launched his troops across multiple key areas on the field.  Both generals were up front fighting alongside their soldiers, Dye DAM and Box Rotor in hand, pushing hard to gain valuable ground.  Throughout the day, both teams pushed back and forth across the field in order to gain access to mission areas.  At one point, general WOLF gained access to one of the key towers as he personally defended that area himself.  Also, one of the more memorable mission (the end mission) was to protect the extraction of the Axis general (AZTEK), out of the field, as he needed to cross the enemy line.  This is when "Operation Trojan Horse" came to life, as AZTEK switched armor with one of his fellow teammates, sending his double on the opposite side of the field, attracting heavy fire... all while he was escorted to the extraction point... a perfect political decoy often used throughout military history.

In the end, the Axis pushed the Allied troops back to the beach, for a well-deserved victory.  Wolf and the Allied forces put up a hell of a fight throughout the entire day.

What an incredible field Commando Paintball had to offer.  It offers a variety of game play across hills, water, a town, trenches & bunkers and a large wooded area.  For more information on Commando Paintball in Ottawa, please visit http://www.commandopaintball.ca/