DNX WINS Supercup '15 with the DYE M2!

by: Troy Nagel | photos by: Candice D. Roberts


The final event of the SARPL paintball series took place last weekend at the Ruimsig Stadium in Johannesburg South Africa.  Teams from around the world came to compete in the 5th and final event in the Series to see who would come out on top and win the event and who would win the series in the 3 and 5 man divisions.



DYE's Factory team DNX stepped on the field Saturday morning with brand new DYE M2's in hand, winning 4-3 and 4-1 to finish off games for the day.  Sunday the team had two more games, both ended in wins, which lead them to the finals against Team Reaper.



The winner of the finals would receive double event points, so this was going to be a match DNX couldn't afford to loose.



1st point went to DNX... the 2nd to Reaper.  DNX took control of the match, pushed back hard, and won the battle 4-1, winning the Pro Division 5 man event #5!



Unfortunately DNX didn't win the 2015 Series but finished the year with the Supercup Win and 2nd in the series." 


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