Jungle Boyz WIN CBP!

by: Jungle Boyz

DYE sponsored Jungle Boyz successfully defended their 2015 CBP #1 rank title (for the third time) in Brazil!.

Two teams started the second semester of the CBP tournament series with big chances to grab the 2015 title: Jungle Boyz (Dye) and Ninjinhas.

Jungle boyz took 3rd in the first event and 1st in the second event, giving them the lead heading into the third event of the season.  Ninjinhas, took 1st in the first event and 4th in the second event.

The rules from CBP stated that you can discard your worst result of the year, so only your three best results count for the season title.

Event #3 was very controversial, but in the end Jungle Boyz came on on top with a first place finish.  Ninjinhas took 2nd. 

Event #4, the final event, was rainy, wet, and very silippery.  The best five teams would move on to the second round. To everyone's surprise, JBZ Green (a fellow DYE team) not only made the second round but they won the event! Jungle Boyz (Dye) took 2nd and Ninjinhas finished 5th.


Here are the final results: 

Event #4:

1st Place - JBZ Green (Dye Team)

2nd Place - Jungle Boyz (Dye Team)

3rd Place - Mega Play (Dye Team)

5th Place - Ninjinhas


The 2015 CBP Season Rankings: 

1st Place - Jungle Boyz (Dye Team), their third in a row (2013, 2014 and 2015) 

2nd Place - JBZ Green (Dye Team)  

3rd Place - Ninjinhas

4th Place - Mega Play (Dye Team)


It was a great year for Jungle Boyz and JBZ Green DYE sponsored teams.  Many weekends spent practicing throughout the year all paid off during this amazing year. Thank you DYE for all support, since 2007!

-Jungle Boyz