DYE Signs Twisted Factory

DYE Signs Twisted Factory for 2016-2017

San Diego, California – Thursday February 4, 2016

Dye Precision, the industry leader in paintball innovation for over twenty years and a constant supporter of teams at all levels of competition, has signed up-and-coming Semi-Pro team Twisted Factory to a head-to-toe sponsorship for the 2016 & 2017 seasons. 

“Twisted Factory is proud to be a part of the DYE family. DYE has always produced quality products and set the bar for innovation to a whole new level with the M2, R2, and I4. The quality of the products are next level and are clearly made by players for players. We as a team cannot wait to compete this season representing DYE and bring back the legacy of Twisted Factory that started many years ago and standing on the podium with our amazing DYE products in hand” – Rob Scott, Team Owner, Twisted Factory

The history of Twisted Factory is pretty cool. Twisted started back in 2002 competing in NPPL, PSP and local X-ball events. Rich Telford mentored Twisted to multiple winning season’s placing 1st in several event and ultimately winning the overall A Division 2 PSP series. Twisted went on to compete and podium many times in PSP and won several NPPL events as well. However, the coolest part of Twisted Factory is how many current and former pro players came from or played for this team. Players such as Dave Baines (Impact), Tyler Harmon (Dynasty), Glenn Takemoto (Dynasty), Josh Hill (Ironmen), Johnathan Kolkman (Ironmen), Paul Mendoza (XSV), Ross O'Rourke (Strange), Jessie Shaum (Fusion) Sean Lane (Black Sunday) and Rob Scott (Ironmen) all wore a Twisted Factory jersey at some point in their careers.. Twisted Factory is eager to be back to the winning organization it used to be with young fresh talent managed by experienced winning pros. Watch for Twisted to win some trophies this season.

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