Dye Precision signs Green Bay Boom

San Diego, California – Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 

Dye Precision, an industry leader in groundbreaking, top-end paintball products and markers, has signed up-and-coming professional team Green Bay Boom for a sponsorship deal for the 2016 season. Boom will be shooting Dye’s M2 markers, using R2 loaders and I4 goggles. 

First emerging on the paintball scene back in 2003, Boom didn’t break into national competition until 2008, when the current owner/player Chris Jansen took over the team. Starting that season in Division 3 Boom immediately found success, finishing 1st twice that year, and also 2nd and 3rd place finishes. The next season found them in D3 and wining events as well. Moving up to Division 2 in 2010 they quickly found themselves on the podium again, taking another win at the first event of the year in Phoenix and two more 2nd place finishes later that season.

“We are excited to team up with one of the longest running paintball companies. Dye offers some of the most reliable gear on the market, like the M2 marker, their I4 goggles, and the R2 Loader. We feel these products will give us an advantage as we strive to improve our position in the league this year. We’ve been working very hard and we’re thankful for the opportunity that Dye has provided us with and look forward to the NXL season to get started.”

Chris Jansen, Owner/Player Green Bay Boom 

After moving up to Division 1 in 2012 and taking more than their fair share of podium finishes, Boom decided to make the big leap up to pro in 2014. Though they haven’t found success yet in the pro division the team is constantly looking to build their roster and is partnering with Dye and strengthening their team to improve their chances against the best teams in the world. Boom has over 50 players in their program and that depth should prove a strong asset in the future.

Dye’s General Manager, Chris Williamson, has this to say about bringing Boom into Dye’s stable of factory teams:

“Dye has always been a supporter of the paintball dream, of trying to move up the ranks and taking your game as far as you can. Boom is one of those teams who lives by the mantra: Work hard, get better, see how far you can take it. We want to see them succeed and we think the M2, I4 and Rotor’s high level of performance and dependability can help them in their quest for that first pro podium finish. With their work ethic we really think they could win events in the future. We have faith in the Boom program.”

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