Altitude Sickness Joins The DYE Family

We are thrilled to officially welcome the talented divisional paintball team, Altitude Sickness, into the DYE Paintball family!

Altitude Sickness is set to make waves as they gear up to compete in both Division 3 and Division 4 at the upcoming NXL season opener in Las Vegas. As they step onto the field, they'll be fully equipped with top-of-the-line DYE gear from head to toe.

Here's a glimpse of the arsenal they'll be rocking:

  • Custom Team DSR+: Engineered for precision and performance, this marker will be their ultimate weapon on the field.
  • R2 and LTR Loaders: Ensuring seamless feeding and uninterrupted gameplay.
  • i5 Goggles: Providing unparalleled clarity, protection, and comfort for maximum focus during every match.
  • Assault Packs: Offering convenient and efficient storage for paint, keeping them agile and ready for every move.
  • ULc Pants and Custom ULc Jerseys: Designed for comfort, mobility, and style, giving them the edge and look they want.

Hailing from the vibrant paintball scene of Colorado, Altitude Sickness calls American Paintball Coliseum their home turf, where they refine their skills and craft winning strategies for the season ahead.

Join us in cheering on Altitude Sickness as they embark on their journey with DYE Paintball. Best of luck, Altitude Sickness!

Keep up with the team on Instagram: @altitude_sickness_paintball