BBK Interview


by: Christopher Brodsky

Every couple of weeks we want to bring you closer to the guys on Team BBK. I will be sitting down with members to have an interview and find out a little more about them and what’s going on with the team, games, events, and of course, shenanigans!

This week I am talking with James, aka “Junior” Waters

Why don’t we start with some basics?

How long have you been involved with the sport of paintball and what got you started?

The first game I played was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 2006 at LCP. A very good friend of mine had been playing for a couple of years before and had been begging me to go to just one game with him. He even sold me my first marker, and that sat in the closet for over a year before I agreed to go.  I finally went to a game with him at LCP and I met Billy Smith, Joe Hamilton and the rest of the folks there and I immediately feel in love with the sport. After that it was all downhill. I started going to every scenario I could afford to go to and even some I couldn’t.


When did you join BBK? And were you on other teams before them?

I joined BBK in 2014. Prior to that I played with the South East Chapter of IYAOYAS


What drew you to BBK that made you want to join them?

Camaraderie and dependability. Pretty quickly, it felt as though I could count on BBK like they were family, showing up to my events helping out when needed. Even when no one from the team I was on showed up, these guys would be there. I had been hanging around with BBK for a long time and knew first hand that they were all stand up ballers, on and off the field. A little crazy, but hey, you knew these guys had your back, just like family. So when an opportunity opened up that I could be on the team I approached them and ask if could join.


BBK just got picked up by DYE Precision as the newest team to be sponsored. What does that mean to you and for the team as a whole?

Wow, it means a lot to be a part of the DYE family and it is definitely an honor. DYE has some of the best gear on the market and has been one of the industry leaders for a long time, so for us it’s a great match.  For me personally being involved with other teams who were sponsored by other companies, I can say that the level of professionalism and involvement from DYE is off the charts.


What is the setup you run from them and how are you liking it?

I’m running with the Deep Waters M2 with a Storm Rotor R2 and The Powder Blue i4 goggles and I love it. I’ve only got to use it a couple of time so far but man, the M2 is so smooth and of course the rotor is the best loader on the market. I can’t wait to really get a chance to break it all in this season.


Now, you have a game coming up in October at Low Country Paintball right?

Yes, Survival Games III October 7th-9th at Low Country Paintball in Ludowici, Ga


And this is the 3rd and final installment of this series?

Yes. This game is loosely based on the book/movie series The Hunger Games and has followed the release of the movies.


How did this idea come about for these games?

How all good ideas start, sitting around the campfire drinking moonshine! No seriously, I was sitting around a camp fire at a game one year and watching the movie on a projector screen that somebody had set up. Billy Smith came walking into the camp site and we all told him that this would make a great game so he looked at me and said “OK, then make it happen”. So I went to work. Soon after, we dedicated the game to a good friend of LCP named James Waldhauer, who at that time, was on his second battle with stage 4 cancer. The game from then on has been known as the James Waldhauer Survival Games.


So, it’s the Business class vs the Working class? How have the first two games gone?

The Working class won the first year led by Scott Hall from BBK. The second year, in a twist of events, both of the Generals called it a draw and vowed to take down the Capital and called for a rebellion. So we’ll see how that plays out for them this year.


For this final game in the series I am guessing you have pulled out all the stops and maybe even called in some favors or heavy guns? Who is leading each side this year?

I definitely have some big plans this year. The entire series has been a lot of fun to write, and each year has brought some interesting outcomes. We have great generals on both sides and I know they have both been working hard at recruiting and talking smack to each other on the game page. On the Capital side, playing President Snow Blower, we have Richard “Mamba” Jr from team Capital Offense out of North Carolina, with his XO’s Sam Riley and Leon King from Painting the world, One kid at a time!

On the side of the Rebellion playing President Elma, we have Jami Hubbell of Dye Paintball, with her XO playing the part of “Blackness Everdean”, Taylor Bylery from Team Destiny.


Any predictions going into the final months of recruiting?

I’m not even gonna try and call this one! Both sides are stacking up pretty good, so this could go either way.


How can people find out more about the game?

They can go to the facebook game page and join in on the smack talk (it’s all in fun) or they can get preregistered for the game by going to


Anything else you’d like to add or tell us about yourself, BBK or DYE?

Keep an eye out this season for BBK and feel free to stop by the compound and check out the newest and greatest DYE gear, or just stop by to say hi. Also if you haven’t been to a Scenario at Low Country Paintball, then come check us out, you won’t be disappointed!