Number 19 is back! Carl Markowski has made the decision to come out of pro paintball retirement choosing to shoot DYE and join Midwest's Columbus LVL for 2022!

Being such a dedicated, high level professional player with paintball coursing through his veins, you knew he had to return to competing in the sport he loves. Speed kills and no two words could describe Carl's playing style any better. 

Coming back out of retirement after a 4 year break from pro paintball, Carl Markowski had this to say:

"I've always thought about coming back to professional paintball, but for one reason or another it just didn't work out. With the support of my amazing family and some proper convincing from Pando and Robbie, I have decided to dust off the cleats. It was hard to pass an opportunity to play for an Ohio based pro team full of killers and compete with the amazing support that DYE Paintball provides to its teams and players. I'm humbled by the opportunity and excited for the journey."

Columbus LVL Coach, Robbie Goldsmith, had this to say about this exciting new pickup:

"We are excited to be able to add one of paintball's most explosive offensive threats to our already aggressive lineup. Carl Markowski brings world champion experience and skill back home to Ohio and we can not wait to see him in LVL green!"

Columbus LVL team owner and LVL Up Sports field owner, Dave Pando, added:

"Once again the stars have aligned for Columbus LVL. The timing was perfect and we know Carl Markowski is going to be a great fit both on and off the field. Ohio FTW."

The entire DYE team is stoked to have Carl Markowski with the DYE family and in our gear from head to toe. The LVL story just keeps getting better and we can't wait to see their next chapter unfold.

Keep up with Carl Markowski on Instagram and check out his Playing On Podcast. Follow along with Columbus LVL and the rest of the squad on Facebook and Instagram.