Clarksville Infamy drops in to give a play-by-play from their time at the MSXL Music City Open, along with insight on their road to rebuilding parts of the team for 2018 -
"The MSXL Music City Nationals was a great event at an even better venue. Clarksville Infamy has had a lot of changes since the last event. We lost a couple players, one to injuries, and the others to lack of dedication. We know our sponsors deserve better and as it's said, we need more than just a warm body! We went into this event with 7 players. Although they are all ranked division 4, a total 4 of the players are fresh division 4 players, lacking depth of playing time at this level.
Our first match was against Louisiana Elite. They were a solid team last season and has since then picked up some great play makers. The points were all a grind with us honestly just throwing our bodies away. The match ended with 45 seconds left on the clock with a disappointing score of 0-4.
Match 2 was against Struggle D4. Struggle has always been a solid program in the MSXL with multiple teams in all divisions. Yet again, the points were a grind with us playing more conservatively, but the lack of experience with the younger guys showed. The last point was won with 25 seconds left on the play clock, but Struggle came out with the win.
The third match was against PK Graffiti. They are a solid team and more on the level of our team. This one was a battle for both teams with points going back and forth. In the end, the play time ran out with us winning 3-2.
Our last match was against Faction who are made up of several players that have had division 2 rankings from 2006 to 2013, and then took a break for 4 years to be ranked down to division 4. They won the first MSXL this season and are a strong team. The match ended with 3:21 left on the clock and Faction taking the win.
We left the event knowing what we need to work on and the guys are more focused on the team. We would like to thank our sponsors, DYE Paintball for the great M2 markers, R2 loaders, i5 goggles, along with the awesome Team pants, packs and jerseys for this season. It all works flawlessly and makes us look great! Also thanks Valken for the awesome Redemption Pro that it shot lasers all weekend long." 
- Chris Geiger of Infamy