DYE Precision, the industry leader in paintball innovation for 23 years and a continuous proponent of teams at all levels in tournament paintball, has signed Semi-Pro and divisional team Colorado Blitz for a multi-year sponsorship deal. 

Comprised of a wealth of true competitors and a history of consistent podium finishes year after year, Colorado Blitz comes to the DYE family as a well-oiled organization fielding Semi-Pro and D3 teams into the 2018 season. The team will be adding the all-new DYE DSR marker to their gear bags, along with their continued use of the DYE i5 Goggle System. DYE is proud to have Colorado Blitz as the latest addition to the crew. 

Team Manager, Jonathan Vickers, had this to say about their new partnership with DYE:

“The Blitz organization is excited to be working with DYE for the 2018 season and beyond. All of our players from Semi-Pro to D3 are looking forward to the NXL season and taking the field with our new high performance DSR markers and i5 goggles. It’s going to be a great year!”

On bringing Colorado Blitz on board as a DYE sponsored team, DYE’s Digital Marketing Manager, Karl Poynter, commented:

“With the intense drive and passion team Blitz possesses, combined with the championship level performance of the DSR gun and i5 Goggle System, I’m confident this will be a big year for the entire Blitz organization. All of us here at DYE are stoked to have them a part of the crew. We look forward to watching their journey to the big leagues!”

Colorado Blitz Semi-Pro Team Captain, Corwin Sheahan, stated:

“I’m personally very excited about the team’s move to DYE. They have been a stalwart of the paintball industry for as long as I can remember. I think that the innovation and drive that DYE brings to the table will be instrumental in helping us push forward to our ultimate goal of earning a spot in the NXL professional ranks.”

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