DYE Precision, the industry leader in paintball innovation for over twenty years and a constant supporter of teams at all levels of competition, has signed amateur team Phalanx out of Dallas, Texas for a 2018 sponsorship deal. With already using the DYE i5 Goggle System throughout the 2017 season, Texas Phalanx will now be taking the field head-to-toe in DYE using the all-new DYE DSR marker, constant feed DYE R2 loader, legendary DYE pod packs, and DYE Performance protective gear.

Founded in 2013, Phalanx comes to the DYE family with a team of athletes driven by a pursuit to excellence in competitive paintball, while on a mission of growing the sport locally, nationally, and internationally. The team stands proud as the largest paintball organization in Texas with fielding 6 lines across 3 divisions with nearly 60 players.

“We are pumped about our expanded sponsorship with DYE. We loved wearing our i5’s last year and can’t wait to step out at the NXL Vegas Open with our new DSR markers.”   - David Bible #10, D2 Captain

D2 player Zach Kerr #42 added: “As a snake player, having the low profile is key. The DYE Attack Pack Pro Harness is essential to making that happen. I was able to test out the harness at World Cup and can’t wait to use it full-time for 2018.”

DYE's Digital Marketing Manager, Karl Poynter, had this to say about Texas Phalanx joining DYE as a full sponsored team:

“We’re fortunate to have Texas Phalanx with DYE as we go into the new year. We believe with the support of DYE’s dependable and top performing products combined the team’s determination and dedication to success on and off the field, this will be a powerhouse fit. You don’t want to mess with Texas Phalanx in 2018!” 

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