DYE Sign Bloodhounds

DYE Precision sign Charlotte Bloodhounds

San Diego, California - Monday, February 13th, 2017

DYE Precision, the industry leader in paintball innovation for over twenty years and a constant supporter of teams at all levels of competition, has signed semi-pro team Bloodhounds out of Charlotte, North Carolina for a 2017/2018 sponsorship deal. The Bloodhounds will now be walking onto the field equipped with the all-new DYE i5 goggle system, constant feed R2 loaders, and legendary DYE pod packs.

With a team of athletes driven by a combination of competitiveness and a strong appetite for winning, the Bloodhounds have had a successful and consistent history of national top five, and podium finishes in the semi-pro division. They've always had a “no short-cuts, work hard” mentality and that’s something DYE fully appreciates. 

The Bloodhounds have been staying busy at the field properly preparing for their 2017 NXL season opener. Here’s what captain Travis Moser had to say about their experience so far with the DYE i5 goggles and R2 loader: 

“We are absolutely loving the goggles! The i5 goggle system is incredible with the wide view lens and GSR Pro quick adjustable strap. Rain, snow, or shine, the lenses do not fog. Also, the thick foam in the mask makes it very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, in addition to being very breathable. The R2 loaders are hands down the best loaders in the game! Having the option to be able to switch capacity back and forth to how many balls your loader can hold is good for any kind of in-game situation.”

Co captain Alex Zuech added, "It's a privilege viewing the field from the DYE i5’s this season. They feature the two main things I want in a goggle, great vision and extreme comfort. DYE really knows how to welcome a team to the family!”

DYE's digital marketing manager, Karl Poynter, had this to say about bringing Charlotte Bloodhounds on board as a DYE sponsored team:

"Here at DYE we love witnessing and being a part of a team's journey of moving up the ranks. We believe with the support of DYE's dependable and high-level performance products combined with the Bloodhounds's passion and consistency at events, they're more than ready for landing those top podium finishes in 2017!" 

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