DYE South Africa Adds...

The DYE Global Team is proud announce three new team additions playing out of Johannesburg, South Africa: Team ALLSTARS, Apocalypse, and FOFISIX Killaz!



Team ALLSTARS is one of the longest running 5-player teams in South Africa. Training at the field known as Paintball City, the ALLSTARS plan to take on the Challengers Division and climb their way up the competitive ladder while going after the number one spot. DYE is proud to supply the team with the competitive edge needed to do so. The team has committed to wearing the i5 goggle system and shooting M2 MOSAir guns fed by the constant feed R2 loaders for 2017 and beyond.



Apocalypse are turning up the heat in 2017! This team is aiming to attack the Champions Division with their M2 MOSAir guns, i5 goggles, and R2 loaders all season long. In-between events, they'll be grinding it out at their home field of BnT. We are extremely happy to have such a proven name in South Africa representing DYE!



FOFISIX Killaz will be competing in both Division 4 and 5 for the 2017 season. These guys consist of hungry killers who are dedicated to putting in hard work to fulfill their journey to podium finishes. They will be powered by the M2 MOSAir guns, i5's, R2's, and Glass Fiber Boomstick barrels.


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