Our boys from down under, Team Explicit, drop in for a play-by-play update about their time at the first event of Super7s at Action Paintball Games -

"Everyone was very happy to see so many familiar faces at the field as they rolled in Friday morning for the Super7s first event of the year.  As the new team geared up for the day for their first tournament together and with the return of Mitch Hackett, we all knew it was going to be a hard fought day. Our first game of the tournament was against Menace and what a close match that was. We didn’t get the win, but it came down to the last seconds with the outcome being 2-3. Second match for the day was going to be another tough match against the men in red, Expendables. As the boys were trying to gel together as a team, we knew it was going to be a tough road ahead playing against these players. We were able to get a point in which we were happy about, but unfortunately ended that match with a 1-5 score. Coming to the third match, the boys are now hungry for a win. This next match was against Ballistics Unit Asiawan. It was a great game and our game plans finally started to come together. The game went to time and we took away the win 4-2. The final match for the day was against Eskimo Brothers, which was another game that went to time. But, the guys were able to take away the win with a 5-2 score. This was a great way to end the first day of competing.

For Saturday it was full steam ahead for Explicit. It was another big day knowing we would be playing some of the top teams in Australia. Our first match was against Raw, second match was Perth Crisis, and the third match was Sydney Swat. We didn’t come away with any wins on Saturday. It just wasn’t our day. We regrouped and got on the same page to push forward with a positive mindset for Sunday.

Sunday was the final day of the tournament, the guys were now super sore, but happy to push through to hopefully come away with two wins for the day. The first team we faced on was Perth Torque. This game was extremely frustrating for the boys and they couldn’t find out what was going on. It was a struggle for us to find what wasn’t working. We didn’t come away with a win but another game that went to time and the guys fighting till the end with a final score of 2-4. Our final match was approaching and the boys were even more hungry for the win for the last match of the weekend. We were happy to face our mates and training partners, the Marauders. The game was a great match and we managed to end our final match of the tournament on a good note, a 4-2 win.

Overall the weekend didn’t go our way, but this only makes us hungrier to come back fighting harder. This weekend would not have been able to happen without the support of our loved ones! Thank you for all the support you give us throughout the weekend. We would like to thank our sponsors DYE Precision, Paintball Addiction, and Paintball Pete for all their products and support for the team.

Behind every great team is an even better crew helping the team behind the scenes. Firstly, the amazing Pit crew, Tony, James, Billy and Wade. If it wasn’t for them we would not have been able to discuss tactics or relax between points. Thank you all so much for your help. Our part time coach, Jarrahd. Our photographer TRIN from Shoot Photography. Our girl Carly for feeding us and also helping the pit crew. Lastly, all the behind-the-scenes mumbo jumbo that no one else wants to do. Thank you very much!

We look forward to the next few months as we have Jake and Sam heading back down to Melbourne for the second round of NXL, as well as round two Sydney NXL and round two of Super7’s in the coming weeks."   - Sydney Explicit