DYE Paintball is proud and honored to welcome back Femmes Fatale to the DYE family for 2022!

Originally born in 1999, and at the time a pioneer for women's paintball, Femmes Fatale has always been driven to fill the void that was missing in our sport and provide exposure for women worldwide. Throughout the years, they’ve done exactly that. Now in 2022, the organization is based out of Fort Myers, Florida, with a team comprised of original and new members from all over North, South and Central America, as well as the United Kingdom.

We believe it will be a massive year for women’s professional paintball, and together with DYE and our head to toe product line, we’re giving these champion women of Femmes Fatale a competitive edge that matches the hype, smarts and aggression they deliver on the field. The sky's the limit when it comes to what these women can accomplish and we are beyond grateful to stand behind them in their quest to be at the top of women’s professional paintball in the WNXL.

Owner and Head Coach, Todd Adamson, commented:

“As an owner and a coach, it is important to set our athletes up for success by outfitting them with the best gear available. For more than 28 years DYE has been synonymous in paintball for quality and excellence. Therefore, the choice to use DYE products in 2022 was an easy one we were excited to make. From the beginning, DYE has displayed a level of support that is unsurpassed and fully displays their commitment to this organization and its mission to showcase female athletes. DYE believes in the future of women's pro paintball, and we are proud to represent them in the WNXL this season.”

Tami Adamson of the Femmes Fatales added:

“The Femmes Fatale was started back in 1999, with our first event being the Mardi Gras Open. In 2002, the Femmes become the first all-female paintball team to be fully sponsored by DYE Paintball. 20 years later, the Femmes have come full circle from being a 10 man, 7 man, 5 man, and 3 man, to one of the inaugural all women’s pro teams in the WNXL. We are super thrilled, excited and humbled by the generosity of the staff of DYE paintball yet again! Thank you to Dave, Rhonda, Chris, Billy, Devon, Karl, Nate and the entire DYE team!”

2022 Femmes Fatale Roster

Tami Adamson

Tea Adamson

Maria Hernandez

Reyna Garcia

Vanessa Lee

Azure Dee Tucker

Jessica Smith

Allie Balmoris

Monica Lopez

Adriana Loustaunau

Daniela Pulido

Leidy Rojas

Daniela Rojas

Andrea Martinez

Roxy Duarte

Shelley Farmer

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