It is with great excitement to announce the signing of Vegas Golden Misfits for the 2022 NXL and WCPPL season! As an industry leader in paintball innovation for 28 years, it's important for all of us at DYE Paintball to be a constant supporter of teams of all levels of competition. 

When you're face to face with your competition, reliance in your gear is a must, and when that faith is there and always has been, that translates to loyalty. 

DYE's history with Golden Misfits runs deep and goes as far back as 2003 when they first emerged into the paintball scene as young guns running DYE gear under the name LTZ (Less Than Zero). This LTZ crew of kids started with DYE gear in 2003 and became a sponsored DYE team in 2004 to progress and compete in PSP D3 and NPPL 7 Man D3. They were crowned the champs of the 2004 PSP D3 Series. Their success continued with DYE into 2005 moving up to D2 winning 3 of the 5 NPPL Super 7s, as well as winning the Series Title. In addition to the NPPL Series Title, they also won the PSP Xball Series. In 2006, with players ranging from ages 16 to 18, the team went on to make the big leap to play in the NPPL and NXL Professional Division. After a hard fought year playing pro, the team's ownership fell apart which unfortunately resulted in the team dismantling in 2007.

Fast forward after a long 15-year break from the game and under the new Golden Misfits name, they are back hungrier than ever and choosing DYE gear once again for 2022!

Team Owner and Player, Shawn Moe, had this to say:

"When we all started playing paintball again in 2021, we went out and bought all DYE gear. DYE has always been the gear we trusted and had confidence in. Our original plan was to simply play recreational ball and have some fun. Right away we realized and saw that the fire was still there. Our desire to compete again elevated quickly and we dove straight in with plans set to compete in both WCPPL and NXL for 2022. Since being back on the field, we love all of the new DYE gear and are especially in love with the new DSR+. No better shooting marker on the market!"

We could not be happier to welcome back this crew to DYE Paintball and have our latest gear in their corner consisting of the new DYE DSR+ Marker, DYE Rotor R2 Loader, DYE i5 Goggle System, custom UL-C Jersey and UL-C Pant and our harness line. We look forward to seeing what our old friends of Vegas Golden Misfits do in 2022!

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