We are thrilled to share some exciting news from the DYE Paintball camp! Our sponsored team, Gridlock, has once again proven their dominance on the field by winning the CFOA 10 Man Open event at Paintball Central in Greensboro, North Carolina, along with the powerful combination of DSR+ and Mech Frame. This back-to-back win is a testament to what this crew delivers on the field, and we couldn't be more proud to have them representing DYE Paintball.

It takes consistency to be back-to-back champs and that consistency starts with the weapon in your hand. The DYE DSR+ Mech Marker has proven once again why it's "the choice of champions!" With the DSR+ designed and built tough inside and out, Gridlock was able to easily power through all of the rain and mud that they encountered during this event.

John Tinker of Team Gridlock commented:

"The performance of the DSR+ has always been great, but we were seriously impressed how insanely well it performed in the rain and sloppy mud. They shot great all event long!"

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