DYE Precision, the industry leader in paintball innovation for 28 years and a continuous proponent of teams all across the world, has signed Guardians SFB out of Russia.
With the team's roots reaching as far back as 2005, the Guardians SFB camp has experienced success in a wide range of disciplines within the sport of paintball from tactical circuits to NXL Russia tournaments at the pro level.
For the new 2022 season and beyond, Guardians SFB will now be hitting the field competing in multiple divisions equipped with the best gear in the game, including the all-new DYE M3+ Advanced Performance Marker, the innovative DYE i5 Goggle System and constant feed DYE Rotor R2 Loaders.
Since 1994, DYE has built products from the ground up with influence from players all across the globe. We're extremely excited about the knowledge, skillset and positive attitude Guardians SFB will bring. Welcome to the DYE family, Guardians SFB!