It is with great pleasure that we officially announce the return of a true icon to the DYE Paintball family...Team Image! 

Founded by the visionary Tom Maliszewski, Team Image holds a storied place in paintball history. With roots in both Maryland and Northern California, their unique blend of talent propelled them to instant success, clinching victory at the World Cup in 1995. Their success continued to grow breaking barriers, being one of the first teams to crack the "big three of paintball" (Ironmen, All Americans & Aftershock), which drew admiration and respect from competitors who tailored game plans specifically to counter their unstoppable aggression on the field.

From day one, Team Image recognized the significance of superior equipment in achieving their success on the paintball field. The original legendary DYE Boomstick Barrel, renowned for its precision engineering and unmatched performance, became an integral part of their arsenal, enabling them to assert dominance with every shot fired.

Though their journey initially ended around 2001, the resurgence of 10-man paintball breathed new life into the team, leading to their revival in 2018. Now, Team Image returns stronger than ever, armed with the latest gear from DYE Paintball. From the cutting-edge DYE DSR+ marker with Mech Frame to the precision-engineered IM Pro KitsBoomstick UL-I Barrels, as well as DYE X Freeflow products, they are ready to dominate the field once again. With a focus on competing in the mechanical events of ICPL and NXL, Team Image is poised to make their mark on the paintball world once more.

Join us in celebrating the return of Team Image to the forefront of paintball, as they continue to leave an indelible mark on the sport's storied history!

Keep up with Team Image on Instagram: @imagepaintball