DYE Precision, the industry leader in paintball innovation for 28 years and a continuous proponent of teams of all levels of competition, has signed Indy Storm for a 2022 & 2023 sponsorship agreement.

With a team driven by a combination of competitiveness, good times and a strong desire for winning, Indy Storm is on a new mission with new gear for 2022 practicing out of Paintball Indiana and competing in the NXL and Mid American Xball League. DYE is proud to have Indy Storm as a new addition to our divisional team program.

Team owner, Captain & player, RJ Jonck, had this to say:

“I’m always looking for the next thing that will help motivate and add strength to my organization’s drive. DYE brings exactly that and more! With all of the off field help and guidance, this was a no brainer. When testing the DYE M3+ and the new DYE DSR+ for the first time, we were completely amazed at the quality both marker platforms brought to the table. We are honored to now be a part of the DYE family. Many thanks to DYE for believing in the Indy Storm program!”

DYE’s Account Executive / Sales Representative, Andy Potter, had this to say about bringing Indy Storm on board as a DYE sponsored team:

“It is an honor that team owner RJ Jonck and the Indy Storm crew has the faith in DYE and I to bring quality to their organization. The crew of Indy Storm have been nothing but great to work with and I look forward to developing a winning relationship for the 2022 season and beyond!”

Catch Indy Storm hitting the field equipped with the best gear in the game from head to toe, which will include their own custom team edition DYE M3+ marker, new DSR+ marker, the innovative DYE i5 Goggle System, constant feed DYE Rotor R2 Loaders with Quick Feeds, new DYE UL-C Pant and DYE Attack & Assault Harnesses.

All of us here at DYE Paintball are happy to have Indy Storm a part of the family! We’re confident that with the support of our highly dependable and proven products combined with Storm’s passion for the sport of paintball, they are well prepared to stand strong throughout the 2022 season.

Keep up with Indy Storm on Facebook and Instagram.