Chicago Aftershock, a powerhouse in the professional paintball community, is thrilled to announce the launch of "Shock," an extension team set to compete in the professional division of the prestigious NXL European Series. With the backing of DYE Paintball, Shock is poised to make its mark on the international paintball scene.

As an expansion of Chicago Aftershock's legacy, Shock represents a new chapter in the team's storied history. Aligned with Chicago Aftershock's commitment to excellence, Shock will exclusively utilize DYE products from head-to-toe, including markers, goggles, loaders, packs, jerseys and more. This partnership with DYE Paintball underscores the shared vision of promoting innovation and fostering success in competitive paintball.

Team owner Todd Adamson commented:

“I’m very excited for the Shock team to participate in the European MLP circuit. Looking forward to the path for Sunday at World Cup.”

Pro player Justin Politi added: 

“I am incredibly excited about the opportunity we have been given to represent the Aftershock program in Europe. With a core of Columbus LVL players, additions of Aftermath and top semi-pro players from CP Raiders and Wrecking Crew, the Shockopeans have one goal…to win! 

A huge thank you for the support of The Adamson Family, DYE Paintball, GI Sports, Hertz and G1. Special thanks to Pando for selling our team or I would have never gotten to go to Portugal.” 

The introduction of Shock to the NXL Europe Series signifies Chicago Aftershock's continued expansion and evolution as a global force in the sport of paintball. With the backing of DYE Paintball and a skilled roster of athletes, Shock is primed to raise the bar over the pond.