In the fast-paced world of professional paintball, every season brings its own set of surprises, strategies and standout moments. This year, the buzz is palpable as DYE Paintball's legendary and the sports' longest running professional paintball franchise, the LA Ironmen, announces the signing of Damian Vazquez, a formidable force previously associated with San Diego Dynasty.

The LA Ironmen's decision to bring Vazquez on board signals a clear ambition to redefine their approach and surge forward with renewed vigor. The addition of Vazquez to the 2024 roster is more than just a transfer—it's a strategic move, packed with potential and promise.

Excited for a new team and a new season ahead, Damian Vazquez, commented:

"Being a part of this organization has been a true dream of mine. Since a young kid I’ve admired the Ironmen. Now I’m so excited I get to play a role in reviving the team to its former greatness at the pinnacle of the sport.”

Head Coach Shane Pestana stated:

"Damian is a great addition to the roster. His talent and grittiness is actually what I like in a player. We can't wait to see him be on the attack this season."

With a unique style of offensive play and the ability to attack on the snake and D-side, Vazquez is sure to be a heavy weapon in Ironmen's arsenal throughout the 2024 season!

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