DYE Paintball’s factory team, the Los Angeles Ironmen, one of the world’s most winning and iconic professional paintball teams, is proud to announce the signing of Henry Sentz!

Paintball at its highest level is a dynamic realm where decisions off the field can resonate profoundly on it. In a recent turn of events that's sending ripples through the paintball community, DYE Paintball's leading factory team, the Los Angeles Ironmen, has made a strategic play by bringing on board Henry Sentz, formerly of Baltimore Revo.

This new addition of Henry Sentz to the LA Ironmen 2024 roster isn't merely a transfer—it's a calculated move that promises to elevate the team's performance. Sentz will bring a fresh perspective and competitive edge to the team.

Excited to be back in DYE gear head-to-toe, new pickup Henry Sentz, had this to say:

"I couldn't be more excited to join this legacy team and rejoin some former teammates. Now let's make the LA Ironmen a top contender!"

Head Coach Shane Pestana commented:

"Henry has a veteran presence that will be an anchor on the team. His ability to close out games and quarterback our front players is just what the doctor ordered."

The Ironmen are not just aiming for victories in 2024; they're setting the stage for sustained excellence.

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