Today, the spotlight shines brightly on DYE Paintball's premiere factory team, the Los Angeles Ironmen, as they unveil their latest addition, Mitch Findlay!

For DYE Paintball and the LA Ironmen, this new signing signifies more than a mere roster update—it represents a commitment to excellence and the relentless pursuit of victory, and a fresh chapter in the team's storied history, helping set the stage for an exciting upcoming 2024 season.

Eager and ready to step behind the Shield, new addition Mitch Findlay had this to say:

"I’m excited to be part of such a storied franchise. I look forward to wearing the Shield and winning with DYE paintball!”

Team Manager Billy Wing said:

"A true team is forged with the trust and belief in your teammates. Mitch Findlay is the product of that faith. Although unproven in the public eye, the endorsements from Mitch’s peers cannot be ignored. Mitch is a natural athlete that plays true team ball. His discipline, communication, and gun skills on the back line brings a level of control that is rare in today’s game. Mitch’s drive and belief that everything is earned through hard work and sacrifice makes me believe he will be a player that helps define a new era for the Ironmen that starts now."

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