DYE Paintball’s factory team, the Los Angeles Ironmen, one of the world’s most winning and iconic professional paintball teams, is proud to announce the signing of Scott Graham.

Originally playing out of Ottawa, Ontario, Scott Graham has pursued his passion of playing paintball with the Ironmen. The Ironmen are confident that his years of paintball experience, explosive style of play and winning attitude will have a direct positive effect in the team’s journey throughout the 2024 season. Shoot Kill Win!

Scott had this to say:

"I'm super excited to put in work with this group this year. I can't wait to see what we can do as a team."

Ironmen Team Manager, Billy Wing, had this to say about the newest pickup:

"Graham is the definition of a team player, and an absolute weapon. He was underutilized in the past, and I am excited the Ironmen have the opportunity to benefit from his extensive skill set."

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