DYE Paintball's legendary and longest running professional paintball franchise, the Los Angeles Ironmen, has announced their newest addition for the 2024 season, Stephen Omara!

Delving into Stephen Omara's journey provides a glimpse into why this acquisition is generating so much buzz. Emerging from the Baltimore Revo camp, Omara's gameplay has consistently showcased his ability to anticipate moves, make pivotal decisions and attack. His agility and what he delivers on the field have marked him as a standout player, making him an invaluable addition to any team. Bringing Omara into Ironmen's fold is more than a strategic move—it's a fusion of talent and ethos.

Ready to go to work and win, new addition Stephen Omara said:

"Shoot. Kill. Win!"

Head Coach Shane Pestana stated:

"Omara's offensive game as a front player or insert player will be a staple in our offense this season. He has been a force in the league for a long time. Having him on our side is going to be a pleasure to work with." 

LA Ironmen's decision to integrate Stephen Omara into their lineup speaks volumes about their strategic vision. They're not merely looking to enhance their team; they're crafting a cohesive unit that promises to be a force on the field. And, we can't wait!

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