DYE Paintball's legendary and longest running professional paintball franchise, the Los Angeles Ironmen, has announced another player pickup for the 2024 season, Tom Guest!

Hailing from Canada, Tom Guest brings a level of power and aggression to the Ironmen's 2024 line-up. With excellent field awareness and aggressive attacks down the middle, he is known for his relentless energy and unwavering determination. With his ability to read the field, break through defenses and close out points, Guest is a force to be reckoned with. His aggressive, yet thoughtful style of play adds an exciting dynamic to the Ironmen's game and makes him a valuable asset to the team. 

Tom Guest commented:

“I'm looking forward to playing under an iconic name with some hungry players and veteran coaches!"

Ironmen Team Manager, Billy Wing, had this to say about the new addition:

"The Ironmen are excited to welcome Tom to the team. He is an instant asset to any team in the league. Tom's knowledge of the game and composure on the field makes him a lethal closer. I have no doubt Tom will be helping to put a lot of Ws on the board for the Ironmen in 2024."  

There's no doubt that Tom Guest's performance will be a highlight of the upcoming season, and everyone is eager to see him in action.

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