Keith DeVit Joins Ironmen

DYE PRECISION, INC/Los Angeles Ironmen Sign Keith DeVit

San Diego, California - Monday, February 27th, 2017

DYE Precision’s factory team, the Los Angeles Ironmen, one of the world’s most accomplished and legendary professional paintball teams, is pleased to announce the signing of professional player Keith DeVit.

Keith DeVit joins the Ironmen roster already equipped with a wealth of professional experience and the necessary knowledge for what it takes to be at the top and win, making him a perfect fit for Ironmen’s plans in 2017.  

“As soon as I walked into DYE, I instantly felt at home. I'm truly honored to be repping the shield this year. I’m proud to be head-to-toe in DYE, including the ridiculously comfortable i5 goggles, M2 MOSAir gun, and impressive R2 loader. What could be better than that? Nothing!”  - Keith DeVit

Ironmen Team Manager Billy Wing had this to say about the new addition:

“Keith DeVit is a seasoned pro who knows what it takes to compete in the pro ranks. He is a great athlete with passion and a “bloody knuckles” approach that fits right into the mold of an Ironmen. The Ironmen have had an eye on Keith for some time. We were fortunate that off-season changes gave us the opportunity to bring him onto the team.”

Head Coach Todd Martinez - “Keith DeVit has professional experience with teams such as Omaha Vicious and Houston Heat that has helped groom him into an incredible athlete and a great teammate. We look forward to utilizing his speed and aggressiveness, which will work well with the Ironmen style of paintball.”

Greg Siewers, professional player #14 of the Ironmen, added:

“We are very excited to welcome Keith DeVit to the Ironmen! Keith and I have played together in the past and have always had the same “punch people in the nose” mentality. He is going to be a valuable weapon for the Ironmen going forward.”

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