LA Ironmen X Valken for 2024

The Los Angeles Ironmen, DYE Paintball's premier factory pro team, is proud to announce Valken as their official paint sponsor for the 2024 season! Valken, a leading manufacturer of high-quality paintballs, will provide the Los Angeles Ironmen with premium-quality paint designed for precision and optimal performance.

Serious paintball requires serious paintballs, and Ironmen's ball of choice at tournaments will be Valken Pro. When money is on the line, tournament paintballs simply must fly straight, break on contact and mark so brightly that there’s no question whether an opponent is eliminated. American-made Valken Pro .68 caliber paintballs are made to the exact specifications required for ball-on-ball accuracy, consistency and reliability case after case, game after game, event after event.

Ironmen professional player, Keith DeVit, had this to say:

"With the combination of Valken's brittle and smooth paint paired with DYE marker and loader platforms, we'll achieve nothing short of pinpoint accuracy at its peak."

Ironmen Head Coach, Shane Pestana, added:

"The team and I are thrilled to be using Valken paint this season. Their unwavering support and commitment to providing us with the finest paint give us the competitive edge we're looking for."

The Los Angeles Ironmen would like to extend their gratitude to Valken for their support and look forward to showcasing the performance and reliability of Valken paint on the field.

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