Congratulations to DYE Factory Pro Team Columbus LVL on a 3rd place pro podium finish at the 2022 NXL Sunshine State Major!

Columbus LVL...the definition of unity, dedication and Midwest work ethic. You won't find an unlimited budget or hired guns, but you will find heart, grit and brotherhood at its finest. LVL is more than just a team of hard workers, it's a team of hardworking best friends.

Columbus LVL made their pro debut in 2020. Then a world pandemic hit. With uncertainty of where the world was headed, LVL sat tight and eagerly awaited until it was safe to get back to work on home turf at LVL Up Sports Park in Columbus, OH. Once given the green light, it was on. This Midwest crew was back in the trenches preparing for their next events which ended up being a MSXL 1st place Open Division finish and an Astra Invitational 4th place finish. Jumping forward into 2021 at NXL Chicago was a 4-0 record into Sunday beating teams like Impact and Damage. LVL finished NXL Chicago in 6th place. To round out 2021, LVL was crowned with an Iconic Paintball "Breakout Team of the Year" award.

In 2022 the team quietly clocked in overtime in the offseason. Feeling focused and driven more than ever, Columbus LVL hit the sand running in Kissimmee, Florida to stop one of the NXL circuit going 4-0 in the prelims. Their bracket consisted of Sacramento DMG, Tampa Bay Damage, Infamous and a retooled, new Ironmen. The scores went 5-3 over DMG, 6-5 over Damage, 6-0 over Ironmen and 6-5 over Infamous. After a dominating prelim run, LVL shot straight into the Quarter-Finals to take on DYE Paintball Factory Pro Team Red Legion. LVL's dominance continued, taking down RL. Next up was a fight against Latin Saints for the Semi-Final round. This match up went back and forth until the end with unfortunately losing out on enough time to get the points needed for the win. LVL's 2022 Sunshine State Major resulted in a strong and impressive pro podium 3rd place finish.

Team owner Dave Pando commented:

"Success always feels better when you do it the hard way. Our guys took their lumps, got roasted online, never complained and just worked harder. It's a Midwest thing...we never give up.

DYE and Valken believed in us from the beginning and because of their gear and dedication to the sport, we are where we are today."

Head Coach Robbie Goldsmith added:

"We are happy, but never satisfied. With our work ethic and talent, combined with the best guns and gear in paintball, the sky's the limit. We're looking forward to finding consistency in the rest of 2022."

All of us at DYE are incredibly proud of our Midwest boys and we can't wait to continue to witness their story in 2022!

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