Our very own DYE Sales Representative, Dan Norcross, embarked on a journey down to Guadalajara, Mexico to compete with DYE sponsored team, Mexico City Titans, at stop two of the MXL. Read on for a recap from Dan himself -
"For the second stop of the Mexican X-Ball League the DYE Crew traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico to play with the Mexico City Titans. A short trip across the border from San Diego dropped me into the Tijuana airport where I hopped on a quick 3 hour flight to Guadalajara.
The paintball scene in Mexico continues to grow. It's amazing to see the level of support and passion the local player base has for the sport and how welcoming they are to Americans. The little Spanish I can speak got me by and the locals were keen to help me with whatever I needed. Quimera Sports hosted the event. They had some of the nicest grass I have ever played on, a brand new bunker set, and a full NXL scoreboard kit. They even brought a Gatorade Rep on-site to ensure the players were hydrated. The league did an amazing job with the venue and the event was very professionally ran.
The Titans are some of the coolest guys I've ever had the opportunity to play with. All of them love the sport and are dedicated to improving their own personal game and made me feel welcome the moment we stepped on the field together. I learned a ton from them. The respect they have for each other and how they do everything as a unit was something I'll definitely take back with me to the NXL. All of our M3s, DSR's, and R2's performed flawlessly and the i5's kept us cool and protected during the 90+ degree temperature. The atmosphere there is really focused on enjoying the game and having fun. It's competitive, but the vibe there makes it a little easier to try different moves on the field that you might not have tried in the NXL. I definitely risked a lot of moves there. Some of them paid off, some of them not so much, but it was a ton of fun and I'm confident it developed our team."
- Dan Norcross (DYE Precision Sales Representative)