DYE Precision, the industry leader in paintball innovation for 23 years and a continuous proponent of teams at all levels in tournament paintball, has signed Mexican X-Ball League teams Mexico City Titans and Rush by Titans to a multi-year sponsorship deal.

The Mexico City Titans proved themselves as the best team in Mexico in the 2017 season when they won the championship of the open-division of the Mexican X-Ball league. Their on-field performance captured our attention and their character, charisma, and personality off the field makes them the perfect fit for the DYE family. They are true ambassadors for the growing paintball scene in Mexico. The Titans organization will be using the all new DYE DSR, i5 Goggle System, R2 Loader, Team Pants, DYE Dry-Line Series Gearbags, Core Padding, and Assault Packs as they compete for back-to-back championships in the MXL and NXL in 2018. DYE is proud to welcome the Titans as the latest addition to the crew.
Los Angeles Ironmen pro player and DYE Precision's Greg Siewers played with them in 2017 and had this to say:
"Playing with the Titans in 2017 was an amazing experience. It is rare to see a team enter the open division and rise to the top so quickly. Our success came from a willingness to learn from our losses and a never ceasing drive to win. I couldn’t be more excited to bring a team of that mentality into the DYE family for 2018. Welcome to the family Titans!"
Yura Arciniega is the captain of the team and had this to say:

"The capital city of Mexico has a great diversity of people and cultures of other countries that coexist in this beautiful city. In the team you can find Mexican, Brazilian, Spanish, and American players, which gives us different perspectives of seeing paintball centralized in the team and a different style of play that allows us to be flexible and aggressive at the same time. Mexico City Titans have always had a varied look in plays, field vision, and individual skills. We're always scrutinizing the effort of each member of the team to give the best and create quality work outside and inside the field. The vision of the team is that we present to people the paintball within Mexico City Titans unites different people, different cultures, and different ways of seeing life, but with the simple objective within the field to be better and grow Mexico paintball with a multicultural image.

The entire Mexico City Titans are proud to be stepping into the 2018 season equipped with the best gear including the all-new DSR, i5 Goggle System, and legendary R2 Loaders."
Pedro Zuniga, Captain of the Rush by Titans, added:
"MXL is about to feel the Rush!"