Launched back in July was DYE LAB's 1SERIES - a platform that gives you the unique opportunity to take your vision and work one-on-one from start to finish with DYE Product Development Manager Billy Wing and DYE designers to create a custom one-off marker of your dreams. Fast forward to now and with some 1SERIES M3+ markers under our belt, we felt it was time to start sharing these 1SERIES individual builds. First up is BRPC Founder & New Balance Team Sports Sales Manager, David Chaney.

How did the concept of your 1SERIES M3+ come about?

David: The process started organically through a conversation I was having with the team at DYE. I was briefing the leadership at DYE on the Blue Ridge Paintball Club concept so they knew I was looking for platforms to spread awareness of the club. DYE informed me of the 1SERIES they planned on launching and I immediately knew it was a project I couldn't afford to pass on. I've been using the DYE M Series and the DSR over the course of many years; my trust is with the DYE performance. The 1SERIES combined the performance of great DYE products with the BRPC story. 

Can you tell us a little more about the Blue Ridge Paintball Club?

David: I've been conceptualizing different opportunities to get more active in regards to paintball participation and sustainability. Having aspirations of field ownership and paintball event planning, I decided in early 2020 that I first need to build a welcoming platform for all paintball participants in my region of Georgia & Tennessee. The planning is still very fluid and what it rolls out as in 2021 may not be exactly what it still does by 2023 - I want to build it to scale and adapt with the needs of the community. The concept is to provide a service to paintball participants that want more than a recreational experience but are cautious to overcommitting. In 'Stage I' for BRPC, the vision is simple, create a platform for sustainable paintball participation. The plan is to open up Session I registration which will cover 8 'club days' throughout the GA/TN region. Each club day will have a different theme (hyperball, XBall, woods, etc.). As a club member, when you show up to a 'club day' you're instantly part of the BRPC family. Field fees and once case of paint per club day is covered in your membership fee which is paid at the beginning of the season. This format tackles a couple main challenges to our sport: planning your schedule, planning your budget and barriers to entry (finding a team). There is a Stage II plan for 2023 and a Stage III plan for 2024+.

What was the design process and collaboration with DYE & Billy Wing like?

David: Collaborative but I always felt like I was driving. I had a club logo, colors and design concept that I wanted to focus on. I briefed the creative team on my goals for the project and they incorporated all my feedback into the design concept. There were multiple versions of the design and by the end of it, I wanted to launch with an athletic looking, timeless design that incorporated my brand colors and subtle logo hit. Billy gave honest feedback with concepts I had and using his expertise as a sounding board, we came to the final design which I had the final approval of.

Now that the 1SERIES M3+ marker has been in your hands and you’ve hit the field with it, are you pleased with the finished build?

David: The 1SERIES exceeded my expectations in every way. The design process was unlimited - DYE was able to customize the M3+ way beyond any expectation that I had. The execution of the final design on the M3+ is so impressive. The few times I've had it at the field now, everyone is instantly drawn to it. They comment on the cleanliness of the coloring, consistency of the coloring and how great the M3+ feels - it has a superior balance to it. My BRPC 1SERIES M3+ is a piece of equipment that I'll treasure for countless seasons ahead.

If you could only pick one standout feature about the M3+ marker platform, what would that be? 

David: I've been using DYE markers for many seasons for two main reasons. The first is the confidence I have in its accuracy. I've experienced that DYE markers allow me to 'aim small, miss small'... I'm instantly able to focus on my target, execute and continue moving up field. The second reason DYE markers are right for me is an intangible difference the marker feels in my hands - it's a combination of the grip frame, the balance and the overall ergonomics of the marker - I instantly feel competitive when I'm holding the M3+.

Favorite part about your 1SERIES experience?

David: I really appreciate how personable the design process was and the way the 1SERIES is a platform to tell individual stories. However, my favorite part is the confidence I have when I take the field, knowing that every detail was considered when my M3+ was assembled and any issues I might have due to weather or rough play, down the road, is backed up by an industry leader in paintball performance and innovation.

From rendering to reality - START YOUR 1SERIES BUILD.
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