DYE Paintball is proud to welcome the first Canadian women's professional paintball team, Northern Lights!
The Northern Lights is co-owned by Lindsey Pike, Nikki Burnt and Erin Scott with over 40 years collectively sharing, learning, playing and building the Canadian paintball community from coast to coast. With a cultivation of skill and knowledge dating back as far as 2002, the Northern Lights offers its members decades of experience in field management and ownership, pro-shop management and ownership, team building and circuit wins.
The team roster of Northern Lights has a deep history competing in a wide range of leagues such as the NPPL, PSP, Ninja Ball, CXBL, OPL and NXL. There is no denying this is a team that truly loves the sport of paintball. They have the history to prove it, along with a mission to share the desire to see women's involvement in paintball continue to flourish.
Co-owner Lindsey Pike had this to say:
“We are excited to have the opportunity to participate in the WNXL in 2023 and beyond. We’re building a grassroots program from the ground up and DYE Paintball was our first choice based on the history of innovation, leading-edge products and support for the women of paintball for more than 20 years. Working directly with Ntensity Customs in Canada helped make this partnership seamless and we couldn’t be more excited to shoot the M3+ this season!”
We foresee another very exciting year for women’s professional paintball, and together with DYE and our marker, goggle & loader product platforms (along with the Northern Lights DYETanium Lens, of course), we’re giving these fierce women of Northern Lights a competitive edge that matches the energy they deliver on the field. We're confident these women can accomplish the goals they set out to do and we are beyond stoked to stand behind them in their journey to be at the top of women’s professional paintball in the WNXL.
Erin Scott #07

Heather Brown #69

Nikki Burnt #00

Ainslie Young #04

Hannah Urquhart #78

Amanda Renardy # 28

Tessa Osterhage #27

Kate Evingston #17
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