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Legendary and longest running professional paintball franchise Los Angeles Ironmen is proud to announce the return of Shane Pestana and Mike Paxson. The duo will be stepping back into the lead roles within the Ironmen organization. Shane Pestana, who has led the Shield to multiple championships as a player and coach, will be filling the role of Head Coach. Multiple Championship player/coach Mike Paxson will be filling the role of Assistant Coach.

The word “legend” is thrown around a lot in all of sports. When it comes to paintball and more so Ironmen paintball, these two names truly define it. Both bring countless National and World Cup championships while representing the Shield and are dedicated to using their unmatched experience, leadership and unique fire to build on the Ironmen of winning legacy that they helped create.

Pestana and Paxson plan to build upon the foundation Nikki McEvers has built from her position as Head Coach since the start of 2021. McEvers will be moving into a full-time position as Analytics Coordinator. McEvers has always brought a strong ability to scout and assess teams and players through description and data analysis to the Ironmen ever since her involvement with the team which is now 8 years strong. With the additions of Pestana and Paxson back behind the Shield, McEvers will be able to focus 100% of her energy into this role.

New Head Coach, Shane Pestana, commented:

“It’s great to be back with the Shield and help lead this program again. I’m looking forward to the 2023 season and can not wait for the grind to begin. I can promise no one will work harder than us. Expect aggressive, punch you in the nose, play right out of the gate. Ironmen for life. SKW!”

New Assistant Coach, Mike Paxson, had this to say:

“This is an opportunity I’m excited to take. The 2023 Ironmen will have high expectations and will be prepared to put in the work to achieve them. We will be showing up to every event attacking with our arsenal of DYE markers blazing. It’s safe to say we’ll be geared up and ready to go in more ways than one.”

Analytics Coordinator, Nikki McEvers, said:

"The team structure is shaping up to be very dynamic. The analytics role is one I am very familiar with. I am looking forward to the 2023 season!"  

For more information on legendary franchise Team Ironmen, please visit TEAMIRONMEN.COM.