Fresh off a win at the MSXL season opener at Asylum Paintball in Louisville, KY, Phenomenon shares their approach to being well-prepared and establishing a winning attitude -

"We play our game, our way in every point. This approach may come across to people who don't know us as cocky. In the beginning maybe it was, but now it has become supreme confidence. We're confident in each other, confident in our ability, confident in our staff, confident we have the best equipment, confident DYE Paintball and their first-class tech support sends us to the field having accumulated all the advantages we possibly can. We're confident that we have sweat out all the details so getting the job done is easy.

One of the biggest challenges we see other teams face is not being prepared and organized off the field and in the pit. We make sure that before we arrive at the field, we have cleaned and maintained our equipment. When we arrive at the field, we immediately start getting ready. We get dressed and chrono our guns with enough paint to feel confident there won’t be any issues on the field. In the pit, we have a dedicated staff to clean us off, fill pods and packs, collect pods after each point, and get any down equipment back up and running between points. All we have left to focus on is the competition.

D3 is a new division for us, which brings in new competition and new challenges. In our first event this season, the MSXL Asylum Open, we came out of prelims with the top seed and went on to take first like it belonged to us. There will always be other teams who want it, but we want it more. We are looking forward to our next MSXL event in May, where we hope to bring home first again in D3 and also in D4.

Thank you to DYE Paintball, Raza Paintball, PBNation, Dane Hawkins Photography, Smeedia, and Xtreme Paintball Park for their confidence in us and continued support."   - STL Phenomenon

 Above three photos by Dane Hawkins Photography.