DYE Precision, the industry leader in paintball innovation for 23 years and a continuous proponent of teams at all levels in tournament paintball, has signed PPS-SFO for a multi-year sponsorship deal.

With the team's roots reaching as far back as 2001, Paintball Players Supply Factory Team has seen almost every element of tournament paintball from the 10-man fields of the NPPL to the UWL circuit. PPS-SFO now currently stands as one of largest programs in the state of Texas. Residing at their home field at Fun on the Run Paintball Park in Fort Worth, PPS spans across three divisions in the USXBL Tournament Series. The team is centered around the three Bohannon brothers - Brock, Brice, and Kelan who have led the team from its roots as TORN to what it is today. When the time came for a choice concerning sponsorship for the 2018 season, the brothers extended their hand out to DYE Paintball, a longtime supporter of Fun on the Run Paintball. PPS-SFO will now be hitting the field equipped with the best gear in the game including the all-new M3s Advanced Performance Marker, the new DSR Championship Level Performance marker, the innovative i5 Goggle System, and constant feed R2 Loaders.
Team co-captain Brice Bohannon stated without hesitation:

“I am extremely happy to finally be a DYE team. Simply put, it's the one sponsor you dream about when you have played as long as I have. The reliability, performance, and support from the best in the business has me really excited about this opportunity.”

Team owner Brock Bohannon had this to say:
“It is exciting to be part of the DYE family and be able to use the most cutting-edge equipment on the market. From the guns to the packs, it is the best of the best, so it really was a no brainer when the opportunity to allow our teams to use DYE products presented itself.”
Dan Norcross, Midwest Sales Director, had this to say:
"The PPS-SFO organization has long been a staple in the Texas paintball community. We've had a great relationship with them for years, so when the opportunity arose to sponsor the team we were thrilled at the opportunity. They've proved themselves relevant in 10-man, 5-man, and X-Ball as a dynamic force to be reckoned with, no matter the format. When you have players with 10, 15, 20+ years of experience on a team, they can provide extremely valuable feedback that helps us improve our products. With PPS-SFO, we know that they're going to push our equipment to the limit and give us valuable insight into what they like about our gear and what they'd like to see in the future. DYE has always built our products from the ground up based on feedback from the world's most elite paintball players and we're extremely excited about the knowledge, skillset, and positive attitude the PPS-SFO organization brings to our company. Organizations like this keep us close to our roots and in tune with what's happening inside the net."
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