DYE Precision, an industry leader in groundbreaking, top-end paintball products and markers, is proud to announce the signing of a multi-year sponsorship deal with legendary professional team Moscow Russian Legion for the 2018 season and beyond.

Established in 1996 and competing internationally since 1998, Moscow Russian Legion easily ranks in as one of the most powerful teams in the history of paintball with numerous single event wins and world championship titles. Known for their vigorous training and constant drive for success, the Russian Legion comes to the DYE family with athletic excellence and virtuosity in the art of the game. Anyone who has witnessed the Russians step onto the field know they can make the decisions, take the actions, and execute their game plan regardless of the obstacles or difficulties that may come in their path. Their desire through discipline and focus has kept them ahead of the pack. Those traits are something DYE has always admired about the Russian Legion organization.

In this new partnership, DYE is honored to provide a platform of products that will help the Russian Legion excel in their quest of staying at the top of their game and ahead of their opponents. The team will be using DYE’s extensive line of elite quality gear including M2 MOSAir & DSR markers, the innovative i5 Goggle System, constant feed R2 Loaders, the highly accurate line of GF & CF Barrels, performance protective gear, and more.

Kirill Prihidni, #75 of Russian Legion, had this to say about joining DYE:

“The Russian Legion organization is extremely excited to start a new relationship with DYE Paintball. Both of our franchises have been involved in the sports’ competition circuit since early times. RL has been building champions since 1996 and DYE has been a top quality company that produces the best gear and equipment since 1994. Now, we have a three year agreement with the chance to work together and continue the progression of competitive paintball at its highest level. We have no doubt in this new relationship because both of our brands are visionary with a strong background and glorious history. We look forward to a successful future together!”

Sven Schmelzeisen, DYE Europe's Head of Sales, commented:

“DYE and I are very proud that Russian Legion have put their trust in us. Our goal is to make the best possible equipment for our teams. With the new addition of the Russian Legion, it shows me that we are right on track. 2018 is going to be an exciting year!”

Chris Williamson, GM DYE Precision, Inc, added:

“When a legendary brand and franchise work together on a common goal of excellence, only great things can come from it. We feel that between the support of our top level products and excellent support staff, it will give the team the tools that they need to succeed. The future is bright for both organizations and we can’t wait to see what Russian Legion can do with DYE gear!” 

ABOUT DYE PRECISION: Born in 1994 with one product and an athlete’s vision, DYE Precision, founded by Dave Youngblood, has grown and evolved over the past 20+ years into an industry leading company with production, design, and manufacturing warehouse facilities on three continents.

 DYE Precision is a sports technology driven company with a wide range of industry leading products focused in Paintball, Snow, Aerospace, and Defense Industries. Our company is known for pushing the boundaries and for unyielding quality with both product and partnerships, and has been aggressive in diversifying our product line and creative reach.