Sydney Explicit checks in with a quick update from their hometown 3rd place finish at event one of NXL Australia -

"What a great first event for the year! The NXL Sydney, Australia event had a very friendly and positive environment to play in. Massive props to the event organizers for putting on such a seamless event, not mention top notch reffing and a free lunch.

The Explicit crew did such a great job working together for the first time playing with the new team members. We had a rough start with playing the strongest teams first, but made the proper adjustments and improved as the event went on. A job well done to NvS who placed 1st & 2nd place to Cartel. In the end, we finished in a 3rd place podium spot and was happy to take home the trophy. However, we're already working hard and looking ahead to round two for a better outcome. 

A big thank you to DYE Paintball for our head-to-toe gear and our DYE M2 MOSAir guns that shot on-point all event long! Also, a thank you to Paintball Pete’s and Paintball Addiction for the endless support to the team. Last but not least, shout out to Shoots for the great photos.

Lots of love!"

- Sydney Explicit