We are thrilled to extend an official warm welcome to the divisional paintball team, Taco Killer, to the DYE family! 

Hailing from the vibrant paintball scene of Anaheim, CA, Taco Killer competes in the WCPPL, ASG Tournament Series, NXL and wherever their passion for the sport takes them. With a relentless drive for excellence, they embody the spirit of dedication and camaraderie that defines what we feel the paintball community is about.

At DYE Paintball, we understand the importance of supporting teams across all divisions. Whether they're competing in local tournaments or on the national stage, every team deserves access to top-of-the-line gear that empowers them to perform at their best.

That's why we're proud to equip Taco Killer with the full arsenal of DYE gear, from markers to loaders, goggles, and beyond. With our support, Taco Killer can focus on what they do best...dominating the field and inspiring others with their passion for the game.

So here's to Taco Killer and their quest for victory, fueled by their passion for paintball and, of course, tacos!

Keep up with Taco Killer on Instagram: @tacokillerpb