DYE Precision, the industry leader in paintball innovation for 23 years and a continuous proponent of teams at all levels in tournament paintball, has signed Team Speed out of Florida to a multi-year sponsorship deal using the new DSR markers and innovative i5 Goggle System.

Team Speed was formed in 2004 by Tim Altman and former player from well-known teams Rage and Strange, Rico Fernandez. The team has competed in over 113 regional and national events with 18 wins, 54 top 10 placings, and 43 top 5 placings in divisions from D5 to Semi-Pro. The most recent win was 2017 SPL season champions and World Cup D4 champions. With an extensive history of professional players such as Aaron Tholey, Chad Bouchez, Damian Ryan, and more who came out of the Speed program, the team is now on a new mission with a new generation of players. For 2018, Team Speed will be competing in multiple local leagues and the World Cup in various divisions, with plans of a semi-pro program set to start in 2019.

Ironmen Professional Player and DYE Precision's Greg Siewers had this to say:

“I am very excited to have a growing program like Team Speed on board with DYE! They have continued to be a major influence in Florida paintball and we are looking forward to working with Gator Paintball Extreme and the entire Team Speed organization to continue growing paintball throughout the Southeast region.”