The true definition of Midwest work ethic, dedication and grit. From Columbus LVL's inaugural pro season everyone quickly learned that they were not only a contender but a unified force that was always on the gas, never backing down from any team they faced. That unrelenting passion and drive never let up throughout any season, with LVL quickly accomplishing goals that took other long-standing teams a decade or more to achieve. 

LVL's skill and Pando's marketing brought personality back to the pro division, making us laugh with top-tier trolls and cry with underdog wins. Never afraid to shock the paintball world, they always found a way to be at the top of your feed.

From all of us at DYE Paintball, we thank you, Columbus LVL. Your mark is permanently etched in professional paintball history. There always has been and always will be different levels of competition in paintball, but there will NEVER be another LVL!