DYE Precision, the industry leader in paintball innovation for 23 years and a continuous proponent of teams at all levels in tournament paintball, has signed Toronto Chargers for a multi-year sponsorship deal. 

What originally started out as a group of friends coming together from various Canadian teams has now grown into a 50+ player organization consisting of seven teams in Semi-Pro through D5 divisions. Starting in 2015, the Chargers have earned multiple Canadian series championship titles and an NXL D2 World Cup win. Moving into the 2018 season, the Toronto Chargers are looking to add more trophies to their wall with the help of a new arsenal of quality gear including the all-new DYE DSR marker, innovative DYE i5 Goggle System, constant feed DYE R2 Loaders, and DYE Team Pant. The DYE family is proud to welcome Toronto Chargers as one of our flagship Canadian teams.

Head Coach and player, Brian Bailey, stated:
"The Toronto Chargers are very excited to be joining the DYE Family. We have long looked for a company that we felt respected the sport as much as we do, and we can honestly say DYE is the top candidate in that regard. They continually push the levels of innovation and we cannot wait to represent such a prestigious brand. We look forward to shooting the new DSR with R2 loaders, and wearing the i5 goggles, and DYE pants."

Jarrett Johnson of Toronto Chargers had this to say:
"We are excited to partner with DYE and be equipped with some of the best gear in the game. As a back player, it was a relief to finally find a marker that is so efficient and accurate, yet super smooth and reliable like the DSR. I have always loved DYE products and can't wait to add the DSR to my gear bag!" 
 Dan Norcross, DYE Precision’s Midwest Sales Director, commented:
"We've noticed a strong increase in the tournament paintball scene in Ontario in the past few years. There's a lot of great fields and teams that are doing wonders for the sport right now and when we looked to align ourselves with a Canadian flagship team, the Chargers were at the top of the list. I've had the pleasure of personally watching these guys win a World Cup in 2016 and fight their way through the D2 and Semi-Professional ranks in the NXL. They've built an amazing organization that makes it easy for new players to transition from walk-ons to tournament play with their tiered structure that starts in the beginner division of the Ontario Paintball League. We're thrilled to have the Chargers on board and a part of the DYE Family!"